Monday, 5 October 2009

Blog Primus.

It's probably horrible Latin, but c'est la vie. You all know what I mean.

Anyway, hello there! This will be my third attempt at a blog; my first is still technically running, but that's a more specific journal, and I rarely use it. My second started well, but then after three days, I logged myself out of Google, and promptly found myself unable to get back in... I think I must have duplicated a mistake in the password when I set it up, because I know which password I used, it just won't work. Ah well. There wasn't anything in there that I can't duplicate (except one topical post, which is horribly outdated now anyway, so who cares?)

Hopefully, there will be a large selection of things to put up on here. I write book and film reviews periodically, so those will go up here (I have a selection I may put up to kick things off). I write, so I may put highlights up, and I'll probably post a few rants about things - I'd like to pretend that the subjects will be important and cultured, but realistically they're more likely to be comments on Doctor Who, or similar. I promise though, this will not turn into an angst filled online diary. If you read this, and you feel that I'm heading in that direction, please, please, slap me round the head. Thank you.

Here's to a wonderful blog!

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